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Tuesday afternoon June 3. Educate a Man. Educate a Nation. 

Many students from the South admire to study in a country like the Netherlands. Some are hoping to find a well-paid job in the Western world. Others are studying at a Western university to improve their prospects in their country of origin.

Imagesconnect.orgThis talk show aims to inspire students, both from the West and from the South , to think about the meaning of ‘studying abroad’ and the shared ambitions of international students and their host society. Every ambitious city in the world is looking for talented students. And every poor country is in need of knowledge workers. How can universities and local governments combine their interest of a prosperous future for all inhabitants with the interests of their international students?

One of our guests is photographer Henny Boogert. He portrayed and interviewed students in Kenya, Russia, Moldova, Cuba, Bolivia, the Philippines, India, Italy, Hong Kong and his homeland the Netherlands. You will  find Boogerts work on the Imagesconnect.org site. It is part of an international project to monitor the resemblances and differences of student conditions in a global perspective.

Talk show host is Wereldpodium Editor in Chief Ralf Bodelier. Decision-makers and international students will be interviewed, as well as photographer Henny Boogert

Tuesday afternoon from 4.30 am until 6 am

Admission free, Location: Soul Café, Talent Square

Academic Forum, Gemeente Tilburg, Universiteitsfonds TiU, I*ESN, het Wereldpodium and ImagesConnect

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