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15 – 21 july 2012
Study trip to Rwanda

Call for Participants to attend the Second Transitional Justice Study trip to Rwanda (15 – 21 July 2012)

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
This is to announce that Together Against Impunity in the Great Lakes Region (TAI/GLR) – Rwanda, is planning to hold a second study tour to Rwanda from 15th – 21st July, 2012 to educate participants about Transitional Justice mechanisms adopted after the 1994 genocide and is seeking applications from interested individuals. The deadline for application is 20th of May 2012.

The study tour is designed to clarify the complexities involved in re-building a society after a genocide, and will be comprised of two components: a literature study and a study tour. It will involve all stakeholders in Rwanda, visiting genocide memorial sites, solidarity camps, social- economic development initiatives and different crucial institutions involved in reconciliation efforts. In addition to Rwandan experience, the programme will include a roundtable session discussing other post-conflict situations in Africa, in particular the situation of Northern Uganda, Kenya, Southern Sudan and Ivory Coast.

The study tour is open to not more than 25 participants; students, professionals, researchers and academics who are interested in learning about transitional justice in a post genocide society. Added to this group we will include a small group of students of Rwandan universities from various disciplines.

The main language of the conference will be English, but French speakers with a reasonable knowledge of English are also welcome.

Each participant is supposed to pay 900 Euros for tuition, accommodation, meals and transport within Rwanda during the study tour period.

Interested applicants shall submit an application letter explaining reasons of their interest to participate (motivation statement not more than 600 words) together with their curriculum vitae, to Mr. Alphonse Muleefu (M: taiglr@yahoo.com).

For further details see http://www.againstimpunity.org/spip.php?article3.

We organizers;

Roelof Haveman
Rule of Law Consultant
Currently based in Côte d’Ivoire
Tel. + 225 09161176

Usta Kayitesi
Vice Dean,
Faculty of Law
National University of Rwanda (Butare)
Tel: +250 788489003


Alphonse Muleefu,
Founder of TAI/GLR,
Currently based at Tilburg University
The Netherlands
Tel. +31657473062

wish to ask you to share this call with potential participants. To learn more about the experience of the previous study tour (July 2011) see the report at http://www.against-impunity.org/spip.php?article2.

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